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VII Coorte VII Coorte

VII Coorte

VII Coorte is a seafood restaurant in Trastevere, Rome, in which experience an excellent local cuisine, both elegant and refined. The building is made up of three wide rooms with an amazing terrace that opens on a picturesque area. Moreover, the elegant-style furniture creates a charming atmosphere. Customer care and a unique local cuisine are the main features of the restaurant, and thanks to those you will dream of coming back.
The restaurant is perfect for every occasion. Whether you wish to organize a business lunch, a group dinner, a romantic diner or celebrate a special event, our staff will support and take great care of everything. If you would like to make a new tasty experience, please come to visit us. We are waiting for you in Sidney Sonnini Square, 29, just few steps away from Lungotevere, in the heart of the capital.
Here at VII Coorte, seafood restaurant in Trastevere, Rome, you will be able to discover incredible dishes and start a gastronomic journey like no other through this authentic regional cuisine. If you wish to reserve a table, just call the following number 0039 0645445105,, we will be happy to reserve the best table and make you live an unforgettable dinner.

 The restaurant Il ristorante

The restaurant

Located in the heart of Rome, VII Coorte Restaurant is the ideal place to all food-lovers. It is open for both lunch and dinner, moreover the staff will welcome you with courtesy and joy ,whereas the excellent local cuisine will delight your palate. It is an elegant and refined place, well-furnished and in which passion for Italian cuisine is the keyword.
The service is kind, friendly, available and it will be able to guide you towards the choice of dishes and wines in order to make your stay relaxing.
Here, in VII Coorte, seafood restaurant in Trastevere, Rome, you can lunch or dine with family and friends while choosing among a wide variety of local dishes. We provide seafood and meat dishes prepared with genuine ingredients, as well as the finest selection of both, national and international wines.
Furthermore, if you are looking for a place where celebrate your special events, VII Coorte is the perfect restaurant for your celebration. 

We will take great care of everything, ranging from the arrangement of the room and the menu, to entertainment for kids and adults and music. If you wish to learn more, please come to visit us, we are waiting for you in Sidney Sonnino Square, 29.

 The Wine Cellar  The Wine Cellar

The Wine Cellar

Passion for Italian cuisine meets passion for excellent wines. Everyday at VII Coorte, seafood restaurant in Trastevere, Rome, delicious and original receipts are created.
Thanks to the chef's creativity, everyday customers can start their journey through ancient local dishes and traditional receipts. 

These receipts are perfect to those who are curios to try new tastes and food lovers. 

The menu is rich, creative and offers everyday high-level dishes.
The staff is friendly, polite and well-prepared to help you choosing the perfect wine among the wide selection of the finest national and international wines. 

Examples are: white wines, red wines, still wines, local spumante and french Champaign for special events.
You will be able to discover new unique receipts while enjoying an elegant and refined atmosphere. 

If you wish to learn more about our menu and organize your dinner at VII Coorte restaurant, please call the following number to reserve a table 0039 0645445105.
An unforgettable and pleasure night is guaranteed. 


Seafood Restaurant Trastevere, Rome

Local Cuisine 

VII Coorte, seafood restaurant in Trastevere, Rome is a wonderful discovery in the heart of the capital. In this charming place you will feel immediately attracted by the amazing perfume of local roman dishes. Every day the menu combines strong flavors with more delicate ones, moreover seafood and meat dishes are offered accompanied by wines that are carefully selected by experienced sommelier.
The restaurant is well-known in the Trastevere area for its friendly and romantic atmosphere. You can forget about those tourist menu and bad services, and enjoy Italian receipts.
VII Coorte is about genuine flavors, good cuisine, relaxed atmosphere, amazing view from the terrace, customer care, wide menu suitable to everyone, adults and kids. Please come to visit us and let yourself be driven by new tastes. The menu is the perfect mix of apetizers and wonderful receipts.

Who we are

Enter VII Coorte, seafood restaurant in Trastevere, Rome is like taking a leap into the past. Here, the key word is Rome! Rome is about history, tradition, typical cuisine and uniqueness, because Rome is known as the “eternal city” and it has inspired the restaurant in Trastevere. The restaurant is located in Sidney Sonnino Square, neraby the Excurbitorium, which is one of the most charming sights of the underground part of Rome. Furthermore its typical neighborhood has made it famous and perfect for an happy-hour or a special meal.

Happy Hour and events

Whether you are a food lover or a wine enthusiastic, the special receipts at VII Coorte, seafood restaurant in Trastevere, Rome are designed for you. The restaurant is the ideal place in which discover new gastronomic specialties and excellent products from a wide selection of local, national and international choices. Top-class products and elegance are the key words. Please come to visit us, discover our unique receipts and let our experienced sommelier choosing the perfect wine. To obtain more information regarding the wine-tasting calendar, please fill in the form available at the dedicated section of the website.

 Local cuisine


Roman dishes, cuisine based on Meat and Fish