the cellar

Wine Bar Trastevere, Rome

the cellar

Isn't the perfect place in which celebrate Bacco?
At VII Coorte, the wine bar in Trastevere, Rome is the ideal location where you can stop with your friends and taste an excellent glass of wine while enjoying the relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The quality of the wines is fully guaranteed by a careful selection of the best national and international producers. Their work is performed with competence and ability. Thanks to the skilled sommelier, VII Coorte boasts a wide selection of different kinds of wines that are suitable to all clients.

In the wine cellar, the bottles come from different Italian regions and a special attention is given to local brands. Wine bar in Trastevere Rome is the ideal place to spent a couple of hours with friends in a happy atmosphere, moreover people usually drink our excellent wines in a responsible way, for example while tasting finger food.

Events and themed nights are regularly organized. These events are special occasions to try new wines and new combinations of wines and local products. The restaurant also offers wine-tasting, with the finest selection of Italian and international wine-brands and national salami and cheeses.

Among the wines we consider the white and red ones, still and not still wines, spumante, prosecco, prestigious Champaign and the best Italian and international distillates on the market.

On a regular basis, Paolo the sommelier makes some changes to the wine list in order to keep up with the new brands and offer clients high-quality products at competitive prices. VII Coorte wants everyone to be able to enjoy our location and feel cuddled by the warm an elegant environment.
At VII Coorte you can sip a glass of wine while admiring the beautiful trastevere area. Make your reservation here at VII Coorte. We are available to organize events, happy hour, elegant dinner and romantic “tete a tete”.
We are waiting for you in Sidney Sonnino Square, 29.